I finally got around to using the beautiful yarn I spun over a year ago.  I wish I had made it a bit bigger, but I was worried that I would run out of yarn.  Oh well, it still makes a nice scarf, and is so soft!

Elder Tree Shawl Pattern here

Simple crocheted cowl. The yarn is handspun superwash merino. Despite the many holes, it’s super warm, and perfect for chill winter days.

… I’ve forgotten what this is except for that it is wool from a herd of endangered heritage sheep at Colonial Williamsburg.

Preliminary/bad photo of: 25/74 bison/alpaca blend. 1oz, 2 ply. Yardage: hopefully enough for a hat.

70/30 Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester/Tussah Silk; “Trapeze”
4 oz (still have to determine yardage)

8 oz superwash merino -> 466 yards 2 ply

“Locomotive Breath”

The results of this

8 oz superwash merino

"Locomotive Breath"

The finished results of this dye-experiment roving! I’m really pleased with it! 

My first go at chain/navajo plying!  I really really like the results.  This very well be my default playing method from now on.  

I plied the single I spun using this roving. 

This is the spun result of this roving which I dyed a few weeks ago.